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About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Chico’s and thank you for visiting our site! We appreciate your interest in our company and hope you will visit us in our store soon. Let us tell you a little about Chico and how we got started, what makes us different, and what we believe in.

Who Was Chico?

Chico was a real wise cat that made me understand that we have no control about our destiny, but we can choose to live a happier life. Yes, we can genuinely accept the unconditional love and love back. Chico’s love to those that were fortunate enough to be close to him was so genuine and intense, so pure and full of acceptance, that even now that he is not among us anymore, we still can feel the magnitude of this love. Chico made us understand this sublime feeling named “love”, he made our lives colorful, fanciful, and we often play. We came up with stories that Chico was born in Brazil and became an American a TV star, a WWE professional fighter, Chico was also a Top Model for Tyra Banks, however his most notorious Gig was when he worked at the National Zoo as baby panda Tai Chan double.

Chico was a timid stray boy living on the streets, life was not easy. But he was a fighter. After being rescued from the streets we found out that he had many health problems, including FIV and Felv. Well it did not take long for me to find that it would not be easy, but Chico and I were committed to delay the disease symptoms. Remember that these viruses are primarily only a problem in immune-suppressed cats. Keeping a cat healthy with good food, and avoidance of stress inducers can lead to a long life. That is why I advocate, believe, and trust with all of my heart in Holistic Pet Food.

Chico survived 12 years and was a real trooper. I can so brightly remember the first time I held him in my arms like a little baby. It was a magnificent and exciting feeling, my heart beat so fast, I felt my soul burning like a sunshine. We never gave up. Chico's Natural Pet Market is an eternal legacy to one of my many furry friends that benefited from Natural, homeopathic and Holitistic nutrition. The store represents Chico’s likes and style, flamboyant, Chic just like his habitat in heaven. You were always very precious my little Chico, and I will make you proud. Chico is Chichi!

Forever your mother,

Danielle Areco Veloso

Who Are We?

Inspired by a flamboyant Cat from Brazil. Chico's Natural Pet Market is an Avant Garde Pet Services concept. A place where animals really do come first.

Chico's Natural Pet Market features only

• Premium All Natural & Holistic brands

• Grooming Salon

• Fancy Cats adoption center

• The Amazonia Critter Atrium

• Exciting Events

Chico’s bubbly management team and visionary owner Danielle Areco, are eager to be your premier store for high quality natural pet foods and unique pet supplies. Our trained associates are passionate about pets and are looking forward to providing an entertaining and educational shopping experience for you and your companion pet. Many of you know Danielle Areco as a talented performer, famous Samba Dancer, and the Fundraiser coordinator for Fancy Cats Rescue Team. What you don’t know is that now, she is combining all her talents in one place that is much more than just a Pet Store, It is “The New Point”. Danielle's promise is that ” We will have events all the time, featuring experts dog trainers, animal communicators like Diane Roadcap, Award book author such as Ingrid King, Pet portrait sessions with Sydney and Mac, Pet Fashion shows, Yappy hours with life music, Adoption on daily bases, Great sales events and much more!

Come visit us and have a Chico’s experience!

Our Mission

Chico's Natural Pet Market is confident that you will choose us to be the number 1 place for natural foods and quality supplies for pets. Our team of pet enthusiasts entertains and educates to create a unique shopping experience. We will engage our customers through sharing ideas and providing solutions. At Chico's Natural Pet Market we are inspired to make a difference in the lives of pets and their people. We love our pets, we love yours, and you will love our place.