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Lucy Pet Products™ Shampoos and Conditioning Sprays

  • Manufacturer: Lucy Pet Products

Lucy Pet Products™ Shampoos and Conditioning Sprays contain natural ingredients which are effective, soothing and coat-enhancing. Our carefully prepared formulas ensure that your dog or cat will have a beautifully conditioned coat that smells great!

With six fun, really great smelling fragrances for dogs and cats, each Shampoo, and Leave-In Conditioning Spray has a functional benefit to the coat & skin:


Made with natural ingredients and are cruelty-free.

No parabens, sulfates, phosphates or other harsh chemical ingredients.

Beautifully packaged in high-quality metal bottles that can be recycled.

Our Leave-in Conditioning Spray can be used after a bath, or for in between baths to condition & freshen up coat.

Proudly manufactured in a 100% Solar Powered production facility in Southern California.