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Chico's spa program


ADOPT A PET DISCOUNT: We offer a 50% Discount to all new rescues within 4 weeks of adoption! This is our way of saying THANKS for saving a life.
Must have proof of adoption.

Fancy Cats & Dogs
Foster Support Discount
We offer a 20% Discount for up to 3 visits per Fancy Cats or Dogs Rescue team pets in your care. We will also honor other Rescue's fosters that held adoptions at our location.
Must present foster Agreement.

Chico’s loves our local police department's dogs, which play an important role in detecting narcotics and explosives, search and rescue operations, evidence recovery, and criminal apprehension in their communities. In addition, the dog is responsible for protecting their police handlers. To show our support to the men, women, & dogs in Blue, we offer Free Baths to all police & military dogs.

police dog

Referral Program
This is easy and saves you some $ and could get your pet a FREE groom.
You just take along some of our cards and write your name on them. Then give them out to friends, family, coworkers, whomever you want to. For everyone that you gave a card to, that makes an appointment and keeps the appointment, each of you get $5 off of your next grooming. Please note the person you gave the card to must bring in the card with your name so you receive the discount at your next appointment.


Pet Spa Price List

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