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Pet Shop Celebrates Rebranding With Samba Dancers and More

“Bikinis and feathers” – that’s the theme of the grand opening of Chico’s Natural Pet Market in Barcroft Plaza this weekend. There will be flamboyantly costumed samba dancers and rainforest birds, like parrots and macaws, says owner, Danielle Areco, a former professional samba dancer from Brazil. The shop will have special sales 10 a. -9 pm Saturday, July 29, and 10 a. -6 p. on Sundaym

Parrot Beak Care 101

Your parrot's beak is its most important tool, essential for preening, eating, climbing, drinking, prying, playing and more. A bird's beak must be in top condition to be up to all these tasks, and proper beak care is essential for your pet's good health, comfort and happiness.