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  • UPC: 736990000507
  • Manufacturer: SynergyLabs

Fooey®! is so disgustingly bitter, we actually have a registered trademark to say it’s “the most bitter stuff on earth!™” When used in conjunction with recommended training methods, Fooey®! stops dangerous and destructive behaviors such as: unwanted chewing, licking, biting, ingesting and more.

  • UPC: 618940461203
Evertuff Nylon Roller Chew's unique textured shape creates interactive play and challenging chew. Infused with chicken flavoring and it's available in 2 sizes.

  • UPC: 037685325647
Bitter Apple is a non-toxic, safe and effective chew deterrent. Has a bitter taste to discourage pets from licking, gnawing and chewing on surfaces where applied. Stops pets from biting and chewing fur, wounds and bandages.