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  • UPC: 780824116353
An assortment of fun feather cat teasers to keep your cat entertained!

  • UPC: 780824114175
Plush wooly mouse toys to entertain your cat.

  • UPC: 780824107887
Squeaking Squirrel is a cute as it is playful, and your cat will love playing with its fluffy tail. Play-N-Squeak® toys satisfy your cat’s preying instinct safely, and with no mess!

  • UPC: 780824107856
This toy is a real fox! Well, not a REAL fox, but it is a lot of fun! Don’t be surprised if your cat brings you his “kill” as a gift! It’s that realistic!

  • UPC: 780824107849
The Squeaking Raccoon is a cute gray and black plaything your cat will enjoy batting around. It satisfies your cat's preying instinct safely, and with no mess!

  • UPC: 780824107832
This bird's feather tail will keep your cat busy stalking, chasing and pouncing for hours. In addition, it features RealMouse™ sound for added fun and mayhem!

  • UPC: 780824107825
This is a cat toy that any-bunny can love! It is a fun and furry outlet for your cat's instinctual need to hunt, stalk and pounce. This fuzzy toy provides plenty of mental and physical activity and stimulation.

  • UPC: 780824105418
Great interactive or solo play! Roll the ball so kitty can chase it, or watch as your cat reaches in and pokes at the mouse inside. Let the good times roll! (Here's a tip: remove the white tag from the mouse with scissors and the ball will roll more freely!)

  • UPC: 780824105333
This mouse’s elastic tail is made to launch Wild Flingdom across the room, allowing your cat to chase, stalk and pounce. It can also be hung as a mousy mobile!

  • UPC: 780824102806
Cats love the wild motion of the Go! Cat Go! Zig-n-Zag Ball. Its movement is unpredictable as the ball zigs, zags, zips and ziggles across the floor with kitty in hot pursuit. Tested and recommended by breeders, vets and animal behaviorists.

  • UPC: 780824102707
Cats love stalking and pouncing, and they are keenly attracted to movement. With DangleMouse, you can slowly drag the mouse on the floor and promote the pounce, or dangle it above your cat's head and stimulate jumping. As with all Play-N-Squeak toys, DangleMouse features the electronic RealMouse sound module that creates the "squeak" that cats love!

  • UPC: 780824102691
Indulge your “home alone” cat’s preying instincts with “Batting Practice.” The tethered mouse is suspended from the top of a door and will dance and bounce with each swat of your cat’s paw. The electronic RealMouse sound module "squeak" will keep them entertained for hours! Hanger tension adjusts to fit any standard door.

  • UPC: 780824102684
The Play-N-Squeak MouseHunter satisfies your cat's preying instinct safely, and with no mess! It will allow your cat the opportunity to stay busy hunting, chasing, stalking and pouncing. Don't be surprised if your cat brings you his "kill" as a gift! It's that realistic!

  • UPC: 723503506335
Made with the softest terry material, Petmate’s Terry Plush come in a variety of cute characters filled with catnip. They are perfect to pounce, bite, and bat around.

  • UPC: 723503506083
Cats go wild for the Swat N’ Swing™! An adorable plush character filled with catnip is connected to a rod and suspended from two suction cups that easily attach to most smooth surfaces. The elastic bungee cord makes for unexpected movement of the plush and keeps cats entertained for hours! Available in a variety of fun-loving characters.

  • UPC: 723503506076
A wall mounted toy, filled with catnip. New attachment design for greater durability, stronger suction cup, one piece rod eliminates assembly, new base that retains rod securely.

  • UPC: 723503504812
Batters™ are adorable, catnip filled characters that your cat is sure to love! Available in two sizes, perfect for kittens and cats alike. Big Batters™ are 11? long and are perfect for wrestling, hugging, kicking and playing. Itty Bitty Batters™ are loads of fun in a mini size!

  • UPC: 618940710196
A long (20-inch) wand from which hangs an equally long string with a little creature dangling from its end. You'll find the kind of creature that captivates a cat, like a little bird or fish, with feathers added, filled with crinkly stuff and, of course, catnip, adding to the beguiling attraction. Dangle the creature in front of your kitty and the intelligent ideas become instantly apparent. Cats - no matter what - cannot take their eyes off this. Stimulating and endlessly fun.

  • UPC: 077234400500
Pet laser that projects a single dot. A fun favorite of cats everywhere.

  • UPC: 077234027592
Plush bird with contrasting wings fabric wings and a lot of natural colored feathers. Contains catnip. Assorted: blue, green, red.

  • UPC: 076484860973

Two colorful wooly mice for your cat to chase. Constructed of high quality materials, Rascal Cat Toys will also provide hours of playful fun and exercise.

  • UPC: 076484800405

This 12 pack of fur mice are sure to entertain felines of all ages. Constructed of high quality materials, Rascal Cat Toys will also provide hours of playful fun and exercise.

  • UPC: 035585453378
The Cat Cozie Kickeroo is made of ultra-soft plush fabric that cats love to tackle and cuddle. Each toy is packed with North American catnip and has a crinkle or rattle sound to help attract cats and initiate play.

  • UPC: 035585453002
Watch your cat attack, wrestle and snuggle with its KONG Kitten Kickeroo. This unique toy appeals to a cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey.