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A healthy blend of seeds, nuts, fruit pieces and enriched berry pellets compressed into a bell shape. A great energy food for songbirds.

  • UPC: 071859515180
Kaytee Wild Finch food is specially formulated to include a wide variety of small seeds, plus a mineral supplement to provide a nutritious year-round diet for wild finches.

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Kaytee Cracked Corn is a high-energy food eaten by many birds. It can also attract small animals to the feeding area.

  • UPC: 071859930319
It seems like finches can never get enough Nyjer seed. The Kaytee Super Finch Sock makes it easy for them to get more of what they want without you constantly refilling. Also, your finches are actually more comfortable and enjoy eating from a sock feeder, rather than the conventional tube feeders.

  • UPC: 071859930111
Kaytee Nyjer Seed is considered the premier seed for attracting many varieties of finches and small songbirds. The high oil content constitutes a highly nutritious and valuable food. Nyjer (Thistle) seed is not a weed seed and NOT related to the weed ""thistle"" at all.

  • UPC: 071859151325
Suet & Seed is made of high quality rendered beef tallow that provides needed energy to wild birds year-round.

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KAYTEE® Supreme® is a clean, wholesome, high-quality mix that contains all of the natural protein, fiber, oils and nutrients of whole grains. Fortified to ensure a well balance blend, Supreme utilizes natural seeds, grains and pellets to provide your bird or small animal with a simple yet healthy diet. Doves have special nutritional needs. Kaytee Supreme Dove Daily Blend offers the high quality, nutritious ingredients in a mix that doves and pigeons love. Best of all, the clean, wholesome ingredients and specially designed supplement provide the proteins, oils, and other nutrients that doves require to grow strong and stay healthy.

  • UPC: 071859020225
Kaytee Black Oil Sunflower is one of the most desired foods for all birds. The high oil content and thinner seed hull of oil sunflower is particularly appealing to smaller song birds.

  • UPC: 071859010134

Waste Free Wild Bird Food is a premium, quality food that's virtually 100% consumable. And because Kaytee Waste Free is a concentrated food, it lasts longer and feeders won't need to be filled as often.

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The multiple perching surfaces of this decorative feeder make it easier for birds to enjoy Kaytee Treat Bells. The powder coat finish provides durability in the outdoors.

  • UPC: 071859165110
The pre-filled Kaytee Sunflower Hearts & Chips Feeder makes it easy to attract finches, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and chickadees to your yard. These birds truly enjoy sunflower hearts and chips and are very comfortable perching on the mesh material. Simply hang up the refillable feeder, and enjoy the color, song and beauty of songbirds in your yard! Recommended for wild birds.

  • UPC: 071859164083
Kaytee Peanuts provide high levels of fat & protein, which are important in the diets of many backyard birds. Fat provides needed energy, while protein promotes growth and good health.

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  • Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet
Kaytee Safflower is a high oil content seed that is very desirable to cardinals, but not to squirrels.

  • UPC: 071859152332
Nutty Suet is sure to please the suet-loving/nut-eating wild birds and provide energy throughout the winter.

  • UPC: 071859134123
Backyard Wildlife is specially formulated to attract a wide variety of small animals. In addition, it is fortified with essential nutrients that may be lacking from their natural diets.

  • UPC: 071859028415

Songbird premium food is a blend of three types of sunflower as well as peanuts & corn, making it the most desired blend of colorful songbirds. This nutritious mix is a high protein formula designed to provide energy for many types of songbirds.

  • UPC: 071859028118
Songbird premium food is a blend of three types of sunflower as well as peanuts & corn, making it the most desired blend of colorful songbirds. This nutritious mix is a high protein formula designed to provide energy for many types of songbirds.

  • UPC: 071859027302
Formulated by bird enthusiasts, this mix contains a superior blend of specialty seeds, grains, and nuts. This blend attracts a wide variety of songbirds to your yard year round.

  • UPC: 071859023441
A blend of ingredients that has proven successful at attracting a wide variety of wild birds, this economical blend features millet and other grain products, as well as highly desired oil sunflower seed.

  • UPC: 071859021287
KAYTEE® Striped Sunflower provides a highly nutritious food for wild birds. The rich oil content provides a high-energy food source, making it a favorite of many backyard birds. KAYTEE® Striped Sunflower is also triple-cleaned to minimize debris from harvest, providing premium, top quality seeds with less waste. Offering KAYTEE® Striped Sunflower is sure to attract beautiful songbirds to your feeder.